Find Match:  

You can find your matches by clicking on your profile in the top right on Varsity Esports and selecting "My Tournaments" then selecting your tournament.  Choose your bracket. Then select which round (week).  

Pro-tip: CTRL-F for your roster/club name.

Contact Opponent: 


The best way to contact your opponent is on our Discord.  Search the captains chat and the captain role for (*club name*).  If you do not already have your captains on Discord, please have them ask for a captain role and format their names with your club name in parenthesis before your gamertag. Also,make sure you post in *Captains_Info* so people can find you, it should look like this:

If they do not respond on Discord, search on their Varsity Esports Profile for their email. If there is still no response, try to reach out to their club adviser, then other club members /captains.
If you do not have the captains role yet, please fill out this form

Match Chat

We also launched a new feature called Match Chat! You can now message your opponent directly on Varsity Esports, on your match VIEW/EDIT page. Messages go directly to the other team! Try it today!


Email info can be found after clicking VIEW/EDIT on your match. 

Reporting Scores: 

In the same place that you find and view your match, there will be reporting functionality.  Scores should be reported right after the match.  If there are any disputes, please fill out this form ASAP and provide as much proof as possible.  It is good practice to screenshot match result screens. 


The scheduling information can be found here:  

Winter Open Schedule

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