• Prices did increase from last year, but we’re putting aside 10% of each team’s registration cost to feed their game’s scholarship prize.
  • Registration costs have changed to cover each event, rather than each month. This change was made to encourage teams to play the entire season and reduce frustrating mid-season dropouts and forfeit wins.
  • Annual passes are available upon request, and include registration for all 2018 - 2019 Majors and Opens at an even bigger discount per player.
  • For those of you currently subscribed, you can stay subscribed at your current rate, but we won't be offering any new subscriptions. Anyone that cancel their subscriptions will need to purchase a pass moving forward.
  • Season Passes are prorated based on time left in the Season. 
  • The new payment system will launch the evening of 9/11/2018.

*Annual pricing available upon request*

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