1. Varsity Esports Premium Membership discounts.

This is our new cost effective coaching, college placement, and statistics keeping service and will be given to our partnered schools at a discounted rate . This platform will be launching soon!

    2. Premium Tournaments

The struggle with participating in free unsanctioned tournaments is that there is a lot of apathy from participants. Through working with schools and having low cost partnership entry, high school esports tournaments will experience a sharp increase in participation. This league will also be closely monitored by our pro and college recruiters. Prize pools will include scholarships as well as gamer swag.

    3. LAN Parties

The HSEL will outfit partnered schools with Swag Packs to distribute at live events they choose to host. Partners will get to host one LAN party per semester that will be outfitted by the HSEL. That’s two per year!

    4. Twitch Partnership

Only through HSEL's Partnership Program will your school have the ability to boast a Partnered Twitch page (Subject to stipulations imposed by Twitch.tv). That's right, a sub button! This means that your club/school could raise money to help support its programs through Twitch. If students or parents use their free Twitch Prime subscription they get every month through Amazon Prime, the school will generate revenue to help support itself!

Also, your partnered pages will be able to be hosted on the Varsity Network’s Team Page. Students will be able to showcase their skills on our page and teachers can hold seminars on certain skills to generate revenue.

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