UPDATE: We no longer offer monthly subscriptions. All subscription options are now season long options.

There are 3 ways payment can be processed:

1. Individual Pay

Student can pay for their own subscriptions on their dashboard. Under the payment widget, the student can enter the individual pay center. There they can enter their billing information, select a subscription type, and press "Create Subscription." From this screen, they can cancel their subscriptions any time.

When buying a pass mid season, the price will be prorated based on time remaining in the season.

2. Club Pay Center

School clubs can pay for their students electronically on the Varsity Esports system. They can do so by first activating club pay in their club settings. Navigate to the actions drop down by your club name, and select "Club Settings." On the settings page, press "Enable," then press "Save." 

Once enabled, to purchase slots, enter and add your payment method, and type in the number of slots you wish to purchase. The more slots you purchase, the cheaper the unit price is. Please consult our pricing guidelines here.

The Slots will be active for the duration of the season. When buying slots mid season, the price will be prorated based on how far into the season it is.

Press purchase pass. 

Once the slots are purchased, you can navigate to "Manage Slots" under the actions drop down. To add students to your slots, press "Add to Slot" next to their names. To remove students from slots, press "Remove From Slot." When you are done editing, press "Save Changes." The students occupying slots will now be active.

3. Invoice

For schools who need an invoice for payment processing, we are happy to issue invoices. Please inquire by emailing payments@highschoolesportsleague.com.

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