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This is a quick starter guide to get everything set up.

Step One: Sign Up

Use one of our registration forms on Varsity Esports or on the High School Esports League websites. 

Make sure to verify your email address once signing up. You can sign up with the button below.

Step Two: Get Verified

Once logged in to Varsity Esports, you can become a verified high school student. You need to be a verified student to participate in any tournaments. Students who are members of partnered school clubs automatically become verified. It typically takes 1 business day for your application to be accepted.

Click your profile icon and select "Verification" from the drop down menu. Fill out the form and provide proof of enrollment. All for fields are required.

Step Three: Inputting Payment

After you have submitted your verification, it's time to pay. To do this, navigate to your Dashboard by clicking your profile image, and going down to 'Dashboard.'

Then you should see a widget labelled 'Payment' in the bottom right hand side of your Dashboard. 

Click on 'Individual Pay Center,' in the middle of the Payment widget. Click the button below to navigate to the Pay Center.

Here you should be able to input your payment information. When you are ready, do so, and click 'Add Payment Method.'

Then you can scroll down to the 'Current Order' form. Here you can choose what type of subscription you would like, and add it to your current order.

When you are ready, click 'Create Subscription.' This will complete your payment.

Step Four: Create a Team

Once verified, you can now create teams on Varsity Esports. Navigate to your dashboard by going to your profile icon, selecting "Dashboard" from the drop down.

On your Dashboard, there is a "Teams" widget. Press "Create Team" on the team widget to get started. Type in a team name that follows our guidelines. 

Your new team should populate here. Here you are given controls on managing your team. You can invite members and create rosters using the appropriate controls.

Step Five: Game Connections

Anyone looking to participate in a game must establish a game connection. They can do so by clicking their profile picture, and going to 'Settings & Preferences.' 

Once you have done this, there should be a list of buttons on the left hand side. Click the button below to edit your profile:

From this list, select 'Game Connections.' Here you can select your game, input your in-game name (your username), your rank, and a link to your game profile. You can add more games with the 'Add Game' button at the bottom of the page. When you are done, remember to click 'Save.' This can also be found at the bottom of the page.

Step Six: Rosters

Club Administrators can create rosters by navigating to their club actions dropdown and selecting "Rosters". Once on this page, pressing "New Roster" will allow you to create a new roster. Provide a name for the roster, the game they'll be participating in, and the type of roster: Static or Dynamic:

  • Static rosters are for team based games.
  • Dynamic rosters are for single player/solo games. Dynamic rosters allow you to place all solo players on one roster and batch enroll them for tournaments as individuals.

Once the details are selected, you can add members to the roster by pressing "Add." Game connections must be established for that game or else the member will be rejected from being added.

Note: Only paid, active members will show as eligible to be added to a roster. If they are not paid, they will not show up on the roster screen.

Step Seven: Enroll in a Tournament

After you have added your game connections, you can begin enrolling in tournaments. To do so, click 'Competitions' in the header bar.
Click the button below to navigate to competitions:

You should now see a 'Tournaments' widget. From here, you can select the tournament(s) you wish to enroll in. For example, if you wish to enroll in the Fortnite PC tournament for our Summer Open competition, find the tournament labeled 'HSEL Summer Open: Fortnite PC.' 

When you have found the tournament you want, click the 'View' button on the right hand side. Here you should be able to see General Information about the tournament. Scroll down until you can see a dropdown menu labeled 'Select a roster.'

Click on the dropdown menu and select the roster you wish to enroll. When you have done that, click the red 'Register Roster' button, and you are all done! 

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