What is an Open?

An Open is a tournament style that is open to Free Agent Teams. Free Agent Teams  are teams that are not tied to a school. They consist of verified high school student that do not have to originate from the same school. School Clubs and Free Agent Teams are both allowed to participate in Opens.

Who can participate?

Both Free Agent Teams and Clubs can participate in "Open" Style tournaments. 

What is Scheduling like?

Games are played twice a week, each round in a time slot. All matches must be played in each designated time window. Games can be played at any time in the window. All scores must be reported by the end of the time window.

Game 1 Window: Monday 12:01 AM CT - Wednesday 11:59 PM CT
Game 2 Window: Thursday 12:01 AM CT - Sunday 11:59 PM CT 

Example Open Schedule:

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